Public Transport on the Move in the West of the USA



The Group enjoys Dinner at the Airie Restaurant in Snowbird, UT. Clockwise from the left: Kurt Metz (Organisor & Tour Guide), Marina Winder (Secretary General of the Stadler Rail Group), Jürg Lüthard, Michael A. Allegra (Promotor of a cog railway to Snowbird), Martin Ritter (CEO Stadler Rail Inc., USA), Dawn Bailey (Communication & Markeing Manager Stadler Rail Inc.), Rita Flubacher, Bernard Wuthrich, Sylvain Meillasson, Alexander Schaeffer, Anitra Green, Gerhard Lob, Norwin K. Voegeli (Owner and CEO of United Rail) and our driver/guide Jacob Splan (Construction Manager, Stadler Rail Inc.). Missing are  Philippe Revaz (who joined us at Salt Lake City only) and Benno Estermann of Siemens who took a time-out.

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