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The Group enjoys Dinner at the Airie Restaurant in Snowbird, UT. Clockwise from the left: Kurt Metz (Organisor & Tour Guide), Marina Winder (Secretary General of the Stadler Rail Group), Jürg Lüthard, Michael A. Allegra (Promotor of a cog railway to Snowbird), Martin Ritter (CEO Stadler Rail Inc., USA), Dawn Bailey (Communication & Markeing Manager Stadler Rail Inc.), Rita Flubacher, Bernard Wuthrich, Sylvain Meillasson, Alexander Schaeffer, Anitra Green, Gerhard Lob, Norwin K. Voegeli (Owner and CEO of United Rail) and our driver/guide Jacob Splan (Construction Manager, Stadler Rail Inc.). Missing are  Philippe Revaz (who joined us at Salt Lake City only) and Benno Estermann of Siemens who took a time-out.

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Stadler Rail Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah.

October 2017: Salt Lake City, Utah, on 250'000 square meters of land with railroad link, quick access to Interstate 80 and near the international airport... Stadler Rail Inc. building its North American Headquarters and Construction Plant. The photo was taken on 1 March 2018
by Jacob Splan, Construction Manager.

The opening is planned by the end of 2018. The capacity of the facility is about a thousand work places.


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